Ceramic Workshop at Bass and Reiner

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Mie has gone back to Denmark. Would you like to be her stand in? As part of the the exhibition, With a Little Bit of Luck... we invite you to collaborate with us. To echo the process in which Mie and Carissa shared with each other, we are making space for you to use our work as your own. The end result will be something that incorporates all of human history, Mie's delicate touch, Carissa's enthusiasm, and perhaps help savor this moment.

Participants will receive one ceramic work, underglaze and brushes. For two hours we will take inspiration from the work in the gallery, our teenage bedrooms, our current kitchens, or whatever we are feeling in the moment.

At the end of each session, Carissa will take the works back to the studio, coat them in clear glaze, and high fire them in a kiln. Works can then be picked up at the gallery three weeks later. Each object will be handmade and particular before hand and uniquely yours after.

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  • Looking for the print that says something like “Having a baby is like laughing in the face of danger”.

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