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Papersmiths - Paper for everyone

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In other news newness, Sidonie at Papersmiths is amazing. And somehow I got lucky enough to get to work with her. She has these wonderful paper stores in the UK that are a heavenly place if you love paper like I love paper. Read our interview here:


Tell us how an illustration start its life? Do you enjoy scribbling solo, or brainstorming with your team? Has anything stuck with you recently that’s made it onto a card?

Hummmm. This is something I have been thinking about alot lately. I live in fear of not being able to make things. Or just that feeling of nothing coming to mind. I keep trying to develop a system or routine to my practice that I can just get into and trust something will come. But I am terrible with consistency. I love doing it both ways. I love people. And as I get older, I also love being alone. But as a rule of thumb, I think lots of minds are better than one. And I cannot do anything without a little feedback - it feels like swimming in an ocean alone with no land in site. I think as humans we only know where we are in relation to each other so we really need each other to make sense of anything.


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