Embrace the Love: New Wedding Cards from People I’ve Loved

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“L’amour est l’emblème de l’éternité” - Germaine de Staël

(Love is the emblem of eternity)

Love, love, love! We’re all about the love!

We’ve officially embarked on wedding season!

From now until late October, we can expect ornate invitations from people we care about (and maybe some folks we’re just getting to know) asking us to join them in their celebration of love.

Throughout the summer and fall, it’s all about dresses, matching slacks, dancing till our feet go numb, small flourishes of the couple’s personalities, and, of course—the glorious cake.

Oh, the love! The love between couples, families, and close friends. The love between me and baked goods. It’s a wonderful time of year!

Beginning of a journey...

I think weddings have evolved since our grandparents’ day.

In this modern age, most couples know each other pretty well by the time they’re standing up before friends and family (they don’t feel shy anymore about playing video games until 2 A.M. or wandering around the kitchen in their underwear, pre-makeup).

They’re already comfy with one another, and have already started creating unique traditions, most built around a lovely, long list of happy memories.

They’ve nurtured similar interests, supported each other’s solo endeavors. By the time the wedding happens, most couples have formed their own common ground, unique to them in their journey together.

The wedding is where they get to really show off their fabulous couple style—the beautiful, quirky, hard-earned life they’ve developed together. And it’s the beginning of a new stage.

Weddings today are two sincere people looking at each other thinking, “I want to eat pancakes with this person—forever.”

And don’t forget the most important wedding feature...the CAKE!

Whether we’re guest, wedding party, or The Big Cheese, we’re all in love with the cake. It’s lush and gorgeous and guaranteed to be delicious.

I’ve gone to weddings just to eat cake.

While we’re pouring over registries trying to find the perfect gift in our budget (“Two spatulas and a pizza cutter, or the Kitchen Aid mixer...?”), and hunting down a dress that strikes the impeccable balance between sexy and austere, we can fantasize about that cake and how much love we’ll be feeling for the new couple when we go back for a second slice.

But in all seriousness, weddings are all about celebrating. We’re celebrating this awesome couple, we’re celebrating love, and the enduring quality of the human heart.

We’re embracing something sweet in this world, and the incredible connection that’s grown between two people who were once strangers on their own totally separate journeys. Now they’re in it together, offering out a hand to steady the other.

It’s one of the most beautiful things in this life.

Best wishes, Loretta

From around the net, we’re obsessing over Molly Debiak.


Molly creates stunning one-of-a-kind gold jewelry featuring the imprints of delicate plant life. She handcarves each image before casting the jewelry, bringing home the real intention and uniqueness of nature.

Her work would make the perfect accessory for your wedding look, or be a memorable, meaningful gift to celebrate someone truly special (which includes yourself!).

Remember to treat yourself! Life is too short not to love yourself. Grab a favorite snack, take yourself out for a movie night, soak up some sun, allow yourself some uninterrupted reading time. You totally deserve it! xx

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  • Beautiful! Such a great message about love, marriage and of course cake!

    Lorie on
  • Beautiful! Such a great message about love, marriage and of course cake!

    Lorie on

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