Love for Everything We Are: New Pin & Print to Celebrate Everyone

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*P.S. lovely readers:

I’m deliberately using hand-held product shots here as an applause to our makers (Carissa Potter, Emily Gui, & Alicia Cardell), to makers everywhere, and in recognition of the hard-working hands behind all great projects, big and small, artistic, practical, and anything in between across the world.

We love others for all their quirks & flaws. We can love ourselves just as well.

I celebrated a wedding this weekend for a wonderful friend. She was one of my first roommates when I moved to San Francisco, and she welcomed me—a life-lost stranger—into her home, her circle, and into her worldview without hesitation.

Her true gift, which it took me a while to fully internalize, came through as I met and befriended people in her life. I realized folks she took as friends had a similarity: we had a quiet talent, something lovely or powerful to share with the world, that she helped us see when we couldn’t see it in ourselves.

She has a knack for finding people who have a hard time believing in themselves, and helping them curate self-love, self-appreciation, and most importantly—self-trust.

Love is without boundaries.

We are taught to give love, to be unconditional in our appreciation of partners and family and our closest friends, but the idea of loving ourselves with the same quality of kindness is elusive.

The importance of our new releases this week cannot be understated, particularly for (although certainly not limited to) women, people of color, immigrants, and the LGTBQ+ community who have felt their worth and empowerment dented by political forces.

We have much to share, bodies glorious just as they are, voices worthy of hearing, and work of equal value to be done.

We can love ourselves and be loved for who and what we are. We belong.

Hugs to you all,


From around the net, we’re in love with The Local Foods Wheel!

The Local Foods Wheel is a fantastic 3-women project centered around educating and connecting people through food and local tradition. Maggie, Sarah, and Jessica designed each wheel to focus on foods produced by nature and local farmers in specific regions, like the Bay Area and the Midwest, fostering a community-centered, sustainable model for preparing, eating, and sharing meals. Heavily researched, beautifully designed, and carefully crafted, these wheels are an essential kitchen tool for anyone who is passionate about food, the planet, and supporting local business.

And last, but most definitely not least, People I’ve Loved is donating 25% of October Vadge of Honor Pin sales to RAINN ( in support of sexual abuse survivors.

RAINN is the largest national anti-sexual violence organization. They work with local community services to bring awareness about sexual assault, build healthy communities, help survivors, and bring them justice against their abusers.

All of us at People I’ve Loved want survivors to know that we stand with them.

We support and believe in your worth, your unique and much loved contributions to this world, and your undented value as a person deserving all the kindnesses of your community.

Your voices are heard. They are believed. And we are here for each other.

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