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We here at People I’ve Loved are obsessed with connecting with people and making the world a friendlier place.

With the new year still fresh on our minds, we’re starting this newsletter to give you awesome people a chance to know us, our newest products, and our company better. We want to share with you the new goodies we’re making, the stuff that’s inspiring us, and the incredible makers around the net who’ve totally got our attention.

In the wake of Valentine’s Day, we’re ushering in the season of revival (spring is ALMOST here, folks) and acknowledgement (don’t forget the fast approaching Mother’s & Father’s Days!).

With that March 1st full moon still lingering around us, we can take this time to cleanse out old, unwanted feelings, and start to focus our energy on the happy blooms of spring just around the corner!

Here’s how we’re doing it at People I’ve Loved…


This time of year here at People I’ve Loved we’re thinking lots! It’s one of our favorite topics as it's such a BIG, beautiful, nebulous creature.

We’re fascinated by the bittersweet longing for connection, the links between people, and our desire to be closer (emotionally & physically) to the people we love.

How do we facilitate this connection? How do we keep it alive? How do we think about and understand love in longer windows of time?

One way to think on it all is through creation and performance.

Creating art, and creating art that is an extension or performance of our intentions helps us reach out to each other. It also reminds us what’s important.

At People I’ve Loved, we do this through cards. We talk out and draw through the window of the emotional conversation to give language and image to that longing.


Cards help make our end of the connection more a part of the world, and they invite others to do the same.

In Pablo Neruda’s Nobel Prize speech in 1971, he said, “there arises an insight which the poet must learn through other people. There is no insurmountable solitude. All paths lead to the same goal: to convey to others what we are.”

In new liking, and in new and old love alike, we’re always trying to reach out into this person who is an entirely separate entity from us. Communication in any way brings light to this perceptible divide between people.

I think in general, we’re super uncertain about what to do with this fascinating person we’re feeling all the things about.

So, in the awareness of not being alone (because, oh my god, they’re standing right there!), what do we do?

We get tongue-tied, forget our best words and spew embarrassing gibberish (“Hey, you’re super cool--I’ve reread Harry Potter 149 times! *facepalm*), we wonder what everyone else is thinking about the moth-hole in our sweater sleeve (because obviously everyone noticed!), we forget to eat, we get embarrassed by the petty stuff, and we obsess over text messages.

We translate Pablo Neruda. We make cards. We fall in and out of love.

We are loving,


To explore more about connection, longing, & the beginnings of love check out Carissa’s AMAZING book, I Like You, I Love You, available at People I’ve Loved ( and Chronicle Books.

And watch for her new book release from Chronicle Books, It’s Ok To Feel Things Deeply, due out Aug 15, 2018.

To learn a bit more about Pablo Neruda, visit Poetry Foundation:

Photo credits to People I’ve Loved:

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  • I love everything you gals are about!! Please put me on your mailing list and let me know when I can met you are take classes with you hang out with you?!

    Mary Senchyna on

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