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Spring is here, finally.

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The calendar says it is spring...

But it doesn't really feel any different. I feel this way about all major time markers. I wait for something massive change inside of me that is so monumental that things feel different and thus better. 

How do we create meaningful rituals in our already chaotic lives? What do you do to make things seem new and different, to maintain a sense of possibility and hope?


For years, I cooked. Soups mostly. Josh called them garbage soups, because as you might guess, they were made of whatever I had in the kitchen and boiled. It was always really exciting to think about that no two soups would be the same. Like each time was unique and special, never to happen just the way it did right then again. 

The last few years, I have moved on (mostly because I decided I hated grocery shopping...) to planting. Let me know if you are in the bay area and you have a plant meet up you go to. I am on the hunt...


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